Basketball Cards 101 for Investors

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The goal of this post is to breakout the absolute basics of modern basketball sets so that you have the knowledge needed to go buy into a player without spending too much money on the wrong cards. It’s not even close to exhaustive, but after reading this you’ll be able to confidently buy. I’ll run through the basic taxonomy of modern sets that applies to most of the big brands, and then focus a little more on Prizm, because it’s the flagship brand in Basketball and worth the most.

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Expired domain content site hack experiment

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I have no clue if this will work, but I’m running a little experiment that’s a little black hat.

To set the stage: I keep tabs on expiring domains, always prowling for relevant high authority domains that are coming available for cheap.

I recently scooped up for $20 upon expiration. It’s above 20, and when I checked the Wayback Machine, it had mountains of content that previously lived on it. I ran some duplicate checks on several of the articles and they were completely unique.

So, we’ve got an established domain with a ton of unique SEO’d content that the author has long forgotten about that’s no longer on the internet. I wonder if I can publish this content, get Google crawling again, rank for some keywords, and get some traffic going.

It’s a total flier, but I don’t see why not. With hundreds of keyword specific articles, this could potentially get some traffic going. I’ll throw ads on it and see if we get a few hundred bucks/mo flowing passively.

That’s all for now – who knows if it’ll work.

The Short-lived Craigslist Traffic Adsense Hustle That Got Me Banned 10 years Ago

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The I saw a tweet that reminded me of a short lived and totally above board Adsense hustle that got me banned from Adsense at the time. Thought it was a funny story to share. Thread, and summary of it, below!

My friend Matt’s new site

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In September of 2007 I walked into a managerial accounting class and took a seat next to a guy who would end up being my best man 11 years later. That’s not entirely true– when the weekend came he had a baby coming due any moment and an outbreak of wild fires put a wall down the middle of the state of Oregon, keeping him away.

Anyway, Matt has become a very successful business coach – first via E-Myth’s renowned coaching program, and now on his own. I got to help him w/ his new website. Link below.

Matt Wilhelmsen – Business coach

STICKS lineup hits CA shelves

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The first official STICKS sales happened in September at our Santa Ana dispensary The Spot. Over the last few weeks however the full lineup has taken hold in the California market – and it’s actually bigger than it is in Oregon already. All flower in California is prepackaged (versus deli style) which just means more shelf space for brands, ours included. Today California retailers have STICKS pre-rolls, cartridges, 8ths, and 1/2 oz.

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UMBRLA Inc: LTRMN x Korova x 10 Spot

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This spring at LTRMN we began the process of merging with Oakland based brand Korova and Orange County based retailer 10 Spot. Our new parent company is aptly named UMBRLA, which we couldn’t exclude all vowels from.

Korova, one of California’s top 10 recreational brands, was made famous by their 1000mg “Black Bar” in the medical days and more recently expanded it’s lines into flower, pre-rolls, and extracts.

10 Spot brings 2 retail licenses and a distribution license in Orange County to the table and is a Santa Ana staple.

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simple inventory management coda

I made a simple Inventory Management tool w/ Coda

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I think use-specific tools are the most under appreciated thing in business. If you’ve ever used a Google Sheet to do something not even remotely spreadsheet-ish, you’re a hero in my book. I could write an essay about epic tools built in Sheets and the low-code and no-code revolution that’s happening right now, but we’ll save that for another day.

I recently discovered Coda which fits into the AirTable space as one of these “docs as an app” platforms. AirTable is pure spreadsheet, Coda is both, and more. Out of the gate it appears almost rudimentary because of it’s use of text docs alongside tables, but it’s not.

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Making things w/ friends: Reco Mode

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As some of my friends know, my dad does natural and organic skincare at a pretty large scale. About as long as I’ve been doing recreational cannabis I’ve been crossing paths with Essential Wholesale’s master formulator, kicking around ideas, and for the last few years: making things.

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After all these years of buying stupid domain names, I sold one

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As long as I can remember I’ve been buying random domain names I think are clever, or funny, or would work for some project. In college for a couple months, I made a rule for myself that every time I went out to party I had to buy a domain name. Not sure the logic that brought me to this, but it was something about adding a little asset, albiet a stupid one, and making going out a little more expensive.

Domains are like $10 to register, ~$12/yr to renew, and ultimately are like a little piece of internet real estate. If you have a domain someone else wants – you can sell it to em. Pretty simple.

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Run through walls

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Grit is my favorite human characteristic. It’s an interesting one, and I think it’s easiest to see at the gym. How you respond when you’re dead tired and still have a hill to climb is important.
For what it’s worth, I haven’t been to the gym in 18 months.

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