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I made a simple Inventory Management tool w/ Coda

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I think use-specific tools are the most under appreciated thing in business. If you’ve ever used a Google Sheet to do something not even remotely spreadsheet-ish, you’re a hero in my book. I could write an essay about epic tools built in Sheets and the low-code and no-code revolution that’s happening right now, but we’ll save that for another day.

I recently discovered Coda which fits into the AirTable space as one of these “docs as an app” platforms. AirTable is pure spreadsheet, Coda is both, and more. Out of the gate it appears almost rudimentary because of it’s use of text docs alongside tables, but it’s not.

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Golfers are delusional – I am a golfer

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12 years after playing #4 on the CHS varsity golf team as a senior, I’m starting to golf again. My dad was right when he told me way back when “when you’re older, you’re gonna be glad you golfed some when you were young”.

My clubs are the same 20 year old hand-me-down Callaway knock-offs my dad gave me 15 years ago. So, I’m in the market for some modern clubs that are fitted to my longer than average wrist-floor length.

Last fall I swung a set of Cleveland Launchers that Mike has. Wow, they’re easy. They fit into the “super forgiving”, “for beginners” category. Bottom line is they’re easy to hit and I hit them consistently. I could play some decent golf if I was consistent (couldn’t we all). Perfect!

Now – time to get some opinions.

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After all these years of buying stupid domain names, I sold one

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As long as I can remember I’ve been buying random domain names I think are clever, or funny, or would work for some project. In college for a couple months, I made a rule for myself that every time I went out to party I had to buy a domain name. Not sure the logic that brought me to this, but it was something about adding a little asset, albiet a stupid one, and making going out a little more expensive.

Domains are like $10 to register, ~$12/yr to renew, and ultimately are like a little piece of internet real estate. If you have a domain someone else wants – you can sell it to em. Pretty simple.

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Run through walls

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Grit is my favorite human characteristic. It’s an interesting one, and I think it’s easiest to see at the gym. How you respond when you’re dead tired and still have a hill to climb is important.
For what it’s worth, I haven’t been to the gym in 18 months.

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