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Introducing Cut30

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I’ve been figuring out short-form video on Instagram and TikTok for just over a year now and have made a few hundred videos top to bottom. No fancy gear, no Final Cut or Premiere – just iPhone. I’ve learned a lot, pulled down millions of views, and far and away got the highest ROI yet on my content creation / audience building journey.

So, Oren, Alex, and myself decided to package up everything we’ve learned about short-form video and put it into a cohort based 30 day course.

It’s called Cut30, and I’ll let the website do the talking.

RIP Dana

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When I search my friend’s name all I see is news articles about his death. Instagram is full of love from friends and fam but I want to make sure the world knows what he accomplished professionally too. I know that was super important to him. I built out this page on the LTRMN site and this post is linking to it to tell Google it’s a good one. We miss you like crazy Dana Ryssdal.

I’m doing TikTok

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In the last couple years I’ve come to appreciate the power of publishing my thoughts on the internet in the form of works, primarily on Twitter and a little on LinkedIn. Content, they call it.

It’s still a bit unnerving but getting more natural everyday.

TikTok, video, and moreso relentless publishing of short form video is a much more daunting task but after watching what can happen on TikTok by simply showing up and working at it: I’ve decided to give it a go.

I’ll be talking about products and brands every day, at least once a day, on TikTok. My wife refuses to follow me.

Follow yours truly: @Landforce_ on TikTok

Some kid has just @landforce smfh

I started a cannabis newsletter

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All that ranting and raving on LinkedIn finally added up to something: A newsletter called Free Smoke. Aptly subheaded “cannabis and bullshit”, Free Smoke is a twice monthly rambling on a variety of not-boring topics centered around cannabis. Free Smoke is longform, ish, and you can subscribe here for past issues and to get new ones in your inbox.

SXSW ’22: Chris Beal ($MAPS) & Colin Landforce ($UNRV) on Technology’s Role in Cannabis

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I’ll be in Austin for SXSW Tech for a presentation w/ Weedmaps CEO Chris Beals on cannabis and tech. Press release here.

March 15, 4pm local time

Technology: The Key to Growing the Cannabis Industry

Technology is the backbone of the legal cannabis industry, and it is evolving and adapting at an exponential pace – even during the global pandemic. The success of the cannabis industry is entirely dependent on technology being a conduit between businesses and consumers and as such, canna-tech is continuing to expand the limits of end-to-end solutions in a highly regulated space. Solutions must deep dive into the nuances of the cannabis plant and consumer behavior while navigating compliance and developing real-time inventory and menu integration for businesses managing thousands of items. The unique demands and needs of technology in the cannabis industry serve as a case study for other emerging sectors and ultimately begs the question, “what’s next?” in cannabis and beyond.
Backlink flowwww: Colin Landforce SXSW