Raise your prices

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To the 2,298 new folks here since last week – welcome to a classic bait n switch. Here’s the deal:

I reel you in with simple stuff like factory links, only to smack you upside the head with the real game right here in your inbox. The Instagram and TikTok videos that pop are fun, but this is the shit you need if you’re actually building products.

Right now we’re working through the product pyramid shown below. It lays out a foundation for creating a perfect product and this week we’re talking pricing. Let’s go.

“Five-hundred million, just for Aubrey

– Drake, Major Distribution

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The content playbook

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It’s no secret that media companies run the modern world, but many of us don’t appreciate why. It’s not the byproduct of an evil plot to captivate the masses, or some innate law of the universe. It’s because they have our attention, and they have our attention because they have content.

Last week I laid out the elements that make up a perfect product, with attention and eyeballs 👀 as the foundation. This week I’m gonna give you a tactical playbook on how to create content and use it to run the world get attention for your business.

“Workin’ on the weekend like usual

Way off in the deep end like usual”

– Drake, Life is Good

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Allow me to reintroduce myself: A note on distribution

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It’s been a weird year, lots has changed since I last emailed, and there’s about 2,500 new faces here on the ol’ email list.

For everyone I haven’t talked to in a while, and everyone that’s new here, an update:

At the top of the year, with a small group of my childhood friends, I bought back the company we sold 4 years ago. A few weeks later on January 26th one of our co-founders, Dana, was murdered. Getting LTRMN back was exciting but quickly turned bitter sweet. 5 months later as we settle into a new normal and realize it never will be: I’m super thankful to be surrounded by part of his legacy everyday. LTRMN, and Dana, forever.

Now, let’s talk about what’s next.

“Major distribution, labels call me

Bad Bunny numbers, it’s a robbery”

– Drake, Major Distribution

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