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The marathon continues

By November 17, 2023November 26th, 2023Newsletter

Yo –

Some weeks I have meandering but poignant ramblings, this week I have a bunch of random things to hit on. Shall we?

“I put careers on shelves, like Amazon distribution center hell”
– Drake, You Broke My Heart

🏴‍☠️ ICYMI from my Instagram:

💡 More thoughts (jokes) on leveraging IP

Related to my email last week on Course Maps, my man Jae Richards (who is not my man, I don’t know him, but I do like this video) posted this amazing piece that poses the question: Who holds the licensing rights to Jesus? But in all seriousness – this is my point. There’s IP floating around everywhere, and you don’t always have to create yours from scratch. Thanks for the laughs, Jae.

💳 Chargebacks costs businesses $31B/year

That’s right folks, the second video I listed above is a piece of sponsored content I did about ChargeFlow. While I’m not gonna bore you with chargeback management stats here, I will reiterate that this app just works. It’s performance based so you only pay them when they win disputes and put money back in your pocket. If you’re doing serious transaction volume, it’s money in the bank. Get free chargeback mgmt til the end of the year with my link.

🥤 Viral video of car fire with a cold beverage still inside

This week a video of a car burnt to a crisp went viral as the person behind the camera retrieved a perfectly in tact Stanley tumbler from the rubble: revealing ice and a cold drink still inside. Why do we care and why am I mentioning this? Because 38 million views later, short-form organic content is absolutely goated. 38 million views, 280k shares on a user generated video about the product’s primary value proposition. Absolute gold.

Now, this isn’t brand content, it’s not content you can just decide to make for your brand, but it doesn’t happen without short-form and modern video content. You need to stop sleeping on it.

🎬 Cut30 session 2 is here

I’ve mentioned Cut30 in my newsletter several times now but we’re officially building in public now and I wanna be transparent on the outcome of our first short-form video bootcamp now that session 2 has arrived.

We had 64 people in it.

10 people no showed.

They didn’t make any time, something came up, or we just never heard from them.

40 people gained a new skill and got started.

They didn’t blow up overnight but they got what they wanted:

  • Gained new followers
  • Published, on average 14+ videos
  • Learned a new skillset for their job/business
  • Leveled up on how modern content works
  • Got a toolkit for the future

6 we’re existing large creators.

They learned some new skills, improved their workflow, better organized their content, and worked with a group of their peers to workshop their approach, planning and strategy.

8 people absolutely smashed it.

Viral videos, thousands of new followers, absolutely on fire. From nothing (or a few hundred followers) to becoming a voice in their niche in a matter of weeks. These people have all kinds of backgrounds, goals, brands and content styles, they just needed the spark to find something perfect.

We’re gonna do it again starting November 27th, we’d love it if you we’re in there with us.

You want testimonials? Case studies? You got it.