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The marathon continues

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Yo –

Some weeks I have meandering but poignant ramblings, this week I have a bunch of random things to hit on. Shall we?

“I put careers on shelves, like Amazon distribution center hell”
– Drake, You Broke My Heart

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Short-form Cheat Sheet

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Your boy is in a drought. Barely been posting. My IG is dry. Today is my birthday. I don’t wanna write an email at all. But I’m doing it. I’m grinding it out.

You know what else I’m doing for my Bday? Handling a bunch of shit I’ve been procrastinating. All before noon. Feels great. A weight is lifted and I’m not even done yet. Love to see it.

Time for episode 3 of the short-form series. In episodes 1 and 2 we covered hooks and idea generation and equipment and workflow. Today, it’s my cheat sheets for making decent videos.

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Shooters shoot: Shortform equipment & workflow

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Welcome to Season 2, Episode 2 of Colin’s newsletter. We’re talking about Short-form video and it’s role in modern commerce and more importantly: why and how you should create it. Last week we talked about hooks and idea generation, today we’re talking about doing the damn thing.

If you aren’t interested in my tactical ramblings you can jump straight to the bottom to find some factory links, and/or kick rocks.

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Short Form Hook & Idea Guide

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My email has been a lot of things over the last year, and similar to how we did on the product playbook series I’m reeling it in over the next few weeks to focus on a single topic and give you tactical information you can crush with. This is Season 2, Episode 1 of Colin’s email list:

The Short-Form Attack: Hook em in

Today we’re covering hooks and topics for your videos and what I wish I had done differently is start making videos sooner.​

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Introducing Cut30

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I’ve been figuring out short-form video on Instagram and TikTok for just over a year now and have made a few hundred videos top to bottom. No fancy gear, no Final Cut or Premiere – just iPhone. I’ve learned a lot, pulled down millions of views, and far and away got the highest ROI yet on my content creation / audience building journey.

So, Oren, Alex, and myself decided to package up everything we’ve learned about short-form video and put it into a cohort based 30 day course.

It’s called Cut30, and I’ll let the website do the talking.

A year ago yesterday I posted my first video on TikTok

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This post is about my journey (and success) with short form video. I’m not gonna tell you all this to brag and gloat and make self deprecating jokes about being a micro influencer. I’m gonna tell you because I think it’s the most powerful tool we’ve got right now as entrepreneurs, and it’s important.

The first video took me easily 3 hours. Let’s be real, it took years for me to work up the courage to make a video and put it on the internet. But that first one, I recorded it 3 times. The first time I accidentally recorded with no audio. The second time I accidentally deleted it instead of saving a draft. Enraged, but committed, I fumbled out a 3rd take and finally broke the seal.

The next day, I made another. And another and another.

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Raise your prices

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To the 2,298 new folks here since last week – welcome to a classic bait n switch. Here’s the deal:

I reel you in with simple stuff like factory links, only to smack you upside the head with the real game right here in your inbox. The Instagram and TikTok videos that pop are fun, but this is the shit you need if you’re actually building products.

Right now we’re working through the product pyramid shown below. It lays out a foundation for creating a perfect product and this week we’re talking pricing. Let’s go.

“Five-hundred million, just for Aubrey

– Drake, Major Distribution

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