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SXSW ’22: Chris Beal ($MAPS) & Colin Landforce ($UNRV) on Technology’s Role in Cannabis

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I’ll be in Austin for SXSW Tech for a presentation w/ Weedmaps CEO Chris Beals on cannabis and tech. Press release here.

March 15, 4pm local time

Technology: The Key to Growing the Cannabis Industry

Technology is the backbone of the legal cannabis industry, and it is evolving and adapting at an exponential pace – even during the global pandemic. The success of the cannabis industry is entirely dependent on technology being a conduit between businesses and consumers and as such, canna-tech is continuing to expand the limits of end-to-end solutions in a highly regulated space. Solutions must deep dive into the nuances of the cannabis plant and consumer behavior while navigating compliance and developing real-time inventory and menu integration for businesses managing thousands of items. The unique demands and needs of technology in the cannabis industry serve as a case study for other emerging sectors and ultimately begs the question, “what’s next?” in cannabis and beyond.
Backlink flowwww: Colin Landforce SXSW

Builders Build 🛠️,🛠️ Podcast (re)launch

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After 20 episodes of the podcast, we’re rebranding and switching it up completely.

Builders Build 🛠️,🛠️

A podcast about building businesses, products and interesting lives from Colin Landforce (@landforce), Oren Schauble (@orenmeetsworld) and James Camp (@jamesoncamp). Formerly known as Tab Talk.

Find it here on the hottest domain on the planet:

My Thread Featured on Inc Mag

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Jessican Stillman at Inc featured my thread about reading biographies instead of business and personal development books, and added a primer on each one.

Jessica writes:

“The place to turn, according to one entrepreneur, is biographies. On Twitter recently, founder and CTO Colin Landforce confessed that he’s traded in general advice for deeper dives into the lives of past innovators. “I stopped reading business books a while ago. I’m reading history and biographies instead,” he tweeted.

Looking for titles to add to his to-read queue, Landforce asked his 20,000-plus followers to suggest great biographies and memoirs. More than 100 ideas poured in. Landforce helpfully sorted through the suggestions to weed out repetitions and self-promoters, coming up with a final tally of 43 recommendations. The full list is here or, to get you started, here are a handful of the most promising.”

James’ launches NanoFlips Course

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I’ve been playing in web – eComm, content, and beyond – for years now, and I’m very savvy in the space. A while ago when I listed to my friend James on The Fort podcast talking about digital real estate, a switch flipped for me.

I had a chance to go through James’ Nano Flips course before he launched and actually used it to buy a site (that shall go unmentioned for now) this summer. It’s an A+ playbook and I got a change to give him a testimonial for it.

Digital Real Estate! Nano Flips! Let’s go!

A Wild Craig Appears!

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I love Craig‘s Twitter username, gets me every time.

I jumped on his pod to talk weed and creating content. We had a great chat, felt like talking to an old friend and hope to do it sometime.