My Thread Featured on Inc Mag

By September 24, 2021Press

Jessican Stillman at Inc featured my thread about reading biographies instead of business and personal development books, and added a primer on each one.

Jessica writes:

“The place to turn, according to one entrepreneur, is biographies. On Twitter recently, founder and CTO Colin Landforce confessed that he’s traded in general advice for deeper dives into the¬†lives of past innovators. “I stopped reading business books a while ago.¬†I’m reading history and biographies instead,”¬†he tweeted.

Looking for titles to add to his to-read queue,¬†Landforce asked his 20,000-plus¬†followers to suggest great biographies and memoirs. More than 100 ideas poured in. Landforce helpfully sorted through the suggestions to weed out repetitions and self-promoters, coming up with a final tally of 43 recommendations.¬†The full list is here or, to get you started, here are a handful of the most promising.”