Expired domain content site hack experiment

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I have no clue if this will work, but I’m running a little experiment that’s a little black hat.

To set the stage: I keep tabs on expiring domains, always prowling for relevant high authority domains that are coming available for cheap.

I recently scooped up for $20 upon expiration. It’s above 20, and when I checked the Wayback Machine, it had mountains of content that previously lived on it. I ran some duplicate checks on several of the articles and they were completely unique.

So, we’ve got an established domain with a ton of unique SEO’d content that the author has long forgotten about that’s no longer on the internet. I wonder if I can publish this content, get Google crawling again, rank for some keywords, and get some traffic going.

It’s a total flier, but I don’t see why not. With hundreds of keyword specific articles, this could potentially get some traffic going. I’ll throw ads on it and see if we get a few hundred bucks/mo flowing passively.

That’s all for now – who knows if it’ll work.

My friend Matt’s new site

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In September of 2007 I walked into a managerial accounting class and took a seat next to a guy who would end up being my best man 11 years later. That’s not entirely true– when the weekend came he had a baby coming due any moment and an outbreak of wild fires put a wall down the middle of the state of Oregon, keeping him away.

Anyway, Matt has become a very successful business coach – first via E-Myth’s renowned coaching program, and now on his own. I got to help him w/ his new website. Link below.

Matt Wilhelmsen – Business coach

After all these years of buying stupid domain names, I sold one

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As long as I can remember I’ve been buying random domain names I think are clever, or funny, or would work for some project. In college for a couple months, I made a rule for myself that every time I went out to party I had to buy a domain name. Not sure the logic that brought me to this, but it was something about adding a little asset, albiet a stupid one, and making going out a little more expensive.

Domains are like $10 to register, ~$12/yr to renew, and ultimately are like a little piece of internet real estate. If you have a domain someone else wants – you can sell it to em. Pretty simple.

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