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muscle goo bag

In what will seem to most like one of the more random things I’ve ever done, Muscle Goo has arrived is coming back to life.  For 10+ years my family business was natural and organic skincare and cosmetics and in that time, literally years ago, I experimented and tweak and developed this product both in my basement, and with the master formulator at said business. 4 years ago, Oren and I trademarked the brand and soft launched on Amazon only to get distracted by other antics.

Since then so many people have come back around asking if I was ever gonna make more, and if they could get some. It felt like it couldn’t be ignored. So we rebranded (as one done), revamped the packaging into a chunky 8oz size, and are bringing it to the world.

It launches May 2024. Check it here: Muscle Goo.